In re A Day at the Races, 5 Cal. 1 (2012)

Being back in San Diego County, California has a tinge of nostalgia to it. It is kind of bizarre to visit places I saw as a child and see them through adult eyes.

When I was a child, on occasion I went with my family to the Del Mar race track to watch the live horse races. There was no live horse racing today at the Del Mar race tracks but I headed for Del Mar anyway to watch the 138th running of the Kentucky Derby and “have a little flutter” as they say in England.

I will usually watch the race at home but instead I drove down the Pacific Coast Highway 101, enjoying the perfect weather to the Del Mar Surf Side Race Place. It was so much more exciting to watch the race being televised in a large crowd, everyone calling for their chosen horse to win the “Race for the Roses.” It makes a sporting event that much more enjoyable to watch it surrounded by people who are just as emotionally (or financially) involved as you are.

I chose to forgo the wearing of a large fancy hat and dress and placed my bet.

My system of choosing a horse to bet upon is hardly a scientific or logical one. I tend to pick ones that have interesting names. Number 3, Take Charge Indy which reminded me of the Indiana Jones movies. Number 8, Creative Cause because I like to think of myself as a creative person. Number 11, Alpha for belonging to a Dubai Sheik no less. Number 1, Daddy Long Legs which reminds me both of the novel and the Fred Astaire musical.

Of course none of the horses I bet on came even close to winning the Kentucky Derby. If they had, I would have given up the practice of law and retired happily upon my winnings. Alas, it was not to be and it is back to work on Monday.

2 thoughts on “In re A Day at the Races, 5 Cal. 1 (2012)

    • I would like to think so but I saw some people who did dress up to make their wagers and also lost. Ah, well there are two more legs to the Triple Crown still to come.

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